Kelly Ann Butterbaugh 

Upper Saucon Township & Coopersburg
Images of America

   The Images of America series tells the stories of America's small towns through historic photographs and their captions.  After searching and then realizing that there was no such book for Upper Saucon Township, Kelly proposed the idea to Arcadia Publishing and began to research the title.  With the help of many residents past and present, Kelly gathered more than 200 photos as well as township and borough history during the summer of 2009. 

   Upper Saucon Township was established in 1753.  Often called “the Crossroads” because of its connections to the areas around it, it was the tracks of the North Pennsylvania Railroad that awakened the small town of Center Valley in 1856.  From there, the Liberty Bell trolley line was added, making transportation of goods and people even easier within the township.  Milk trolleys ran daily, and mills lined the creeks that ran through the predominantly agricultural township.  As the connections grew, so did the needs of one of Upper Saucon Township’s towns—Coopersburg.  With the needs of a burgeoning town, Coopersburg petitioned to become a distinct borough in 1879.  Coopersburg brought attention to the area with its annual cattle sale as well as the industries that it brought to the area.  It was dubbed “The Town of Possibilities” for all that it had to offer.

   Author Kelly Ann Butterbaugh uses community photographs as well as those in the  Coopersburg Historical Society’s collection to take readers to a time gone by.  She shares her love of history not only with the readers of her children’s history books, but with the students in her classes.  Kelly is also a resident of Upper Saucon Township.Available at:  local bookstores and online.  Signed copies available HERE.


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Book Highlights
* Includes rare photos taken inside the Friedensville mine during construction and operation.

*Local residents donated personal family photos and previously unpublished information about the original farms and homes of the township.

*Aerial photos taken by Donald Bassler during the 1930s are included which show the landscape before many of today’s major roads were added to the landscape.

*Unknown to many is the record setting annual 2.5 million gallons of milk shipped from Center Valley in the 1870s, the celebrity of Coopersburg’s cattle sales that attracted Vanderbilts, and the fame of residents such as Jimmy Shaffer and Kenneth Kern, all included in the text.

*Photos of landmarks under construction are included, landmarks such as Limeport Stadium, the Carmelite Monastery, and the Friedensville Mine.

*Many photos of residents and their families are included which shows the personality of the township’s founding families.

*Many long-time residents, some whose families were original to the township, and historians were interviewed to establish the text of the book 

*In as many places as possible, contemporary information about the site or people is provided, allowing readers to track the locations and compare then to now.