Outta the Gate Writing

This e-book answers the questions that new freelance writers have.  It cautions about the do's and don'ts of building a freelance career and tackles the questions that aren't typically found in writing how-to books.  The book is 44 pages long with sample invoices, queries, rejection letters, acceptance letters, consent forms, and published pieces that explain the business of writing. 
As a new writer, have you ever asked any of these questions?

  • What can I expect in my work day?
  • What supplies do I need to start my freelance writing business?
  • How to I file taxes as a freelance writer?  What do I declare?  What do I deduct?
  • How do I negotiate my pay as a relatively inexperienced writer?  Do I take jobs that don't pay?  What should I expect to see?
  • How do I compete with everyone else, and how do I find my specialty?
  • Are rejection letters really as plentiful and as impersonal as I've heard?  How do I measure my success based on the number of acceptances and rejections I receive?
  • How do I find publications to print my work?
  • Once I find them, how to I contact them with my article ideas?
  • Once a magazine buys my idea, how do I complete the article in a professional manner and prove myself as a new writer?
  • Where do I find experts for my articles?  What should I know about interviewing them?
  • Can I really do all my work on-line and in my home?
  • What are the legal aspects of interviewing, publishing, and photography?
  • How do I get over writer's block?
  • How do I take or acquire photos to go with my articles?
  • How can I market myself?
  • What are the fatal mistakes of a new freelancer?
  • What happens when I decide to write a book? 

All of these questions are answered in easy to understand language for those who are new to the writing business.  Checklists and samples make your jump into freelancing a bit easier.  All of the information and samples are from my personal writing experiences, providing a real look at what it's like to be a new writer.

Sample pages:


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