I accept a variety of writing assignments by request.  While my main areas of interest are listed below, I accept anything that interests me. Prices are listed below with some room for negotiation.  Please contact me to discuss your writing needs.

                                                                                            Areas of interest:

     editing/proofreading work;  research;  writing informal announcements;  copywriting;  magazine/newsletter articles; drafting introductions; essays; ghostwriting; work for hire articles/columns; photography and captions; resumes/cover letters; creating weekly/monthly newsletters; assistance with querying and proposals


MEd in Secondary English Education from DeSales University;  BA in English from Moravian College;  books published with two different publishing houses;  articles and photographs published in more than twenty different publications inclusing national and regional magazines;  experience in the copywriting field;  more than thirteen years of experience teaching in public schools;  more than nine years teaching writing at the collegiate level;  speaking/workshop experience to large and small crowds;  up to date knowledge of MLA, AA, Chicago, and Turabian documentation and styles.


There is room for negotiation in my prices.  I have a soft spot for non-proft groups working on a budget; please let me know your group's needs and limitations and we'll work on something.  I provide estimates when contracting for all work to help avoid the "surprise total."  


Request my complete writing resume


Most prices are determined by pages.  One page = 250 words.  All work is done electronically in MS Word (.doc or .docx) or Acrobat (.pdf).  Hard copy is available with extra fees.

I hold the copyright on all of my materials.


General Editing/Revision

  • Basic grammatical proofreading and correction:  $2 per page
  • Stylistic editing, moderate revision, and/or severe grammatical correction: $5 per page
  • Reorganization and stylistic revision: $10 per page **

                  **fact checking or additional research may be needed


·       For every 50 pages submitted take 5% off your total charge.

·       On-going projects such as weekly or monthly newsletters, columns, or repeat assignments or large batch orders are subject to a discount.


Ghostwriting Services


·        introduction (provide text or information to establish a mood) $40-$90

·        A chapter by chapter outline (for querying) $35-$50

·        Editing/overlooking a one page publisher’s query letter $25

·        Sample chapter based on your info $90

·        Help completing a publisher’s proposal packet $30-$60

·        $30 per hour of work if organization and/or research is needed

·        $0.05 per word for writing services only



  • $10 per page for catalog copy based on information provided (catalog copy, about me, or informational articles)
  • $15 per page for sales pitch
  • $0.05 per word for smaller projects
  • $40 for proposals (of moderate length)
  • Informal annoucements: $7 per page
  • 500 word newsletter articles on a given topic requiring no research: $25
  • 500 word newsletter articles on an undetermined topic or undeveloped topic: $50
  • resume and cover letter, fully formatted:  $35


  • On-going projects such as weekly or monthly newsletters, columns, or repeat assignments or large batch orders are subject to a discount.


Fact Checking and/or Research

  • All fact checking and research comes with full citations, including in-text notations and bibliographical information.  I work with MLA, APA, Turabian, and Chicago documentation.
  • Work is $50 per hour.



Reproduction/Printing for Circulation

·       Photos purchased for reproduction in magazines, newspapers, websites, or other mass media markets are delivered in digital format.  All file formats are available. 

·       I require a copyright line with my name attached to the photo at all times
(ie:  photo by Kelly Ann Butterbaugh)

·       I will gladly provide captions for each photo if requested.

·       $25 per photo reproduced at ½ page or smaller

·       $35 for ½ page prints

·       $100 for cover photos


·       Photos and articles can be combined for a package rate.


Personal Photo Use

  • For personal use and display, I provide hard copies of my photos in any size or format that you desire.  Prices vary based on the sizes and the current developing fees and shipping.  Contact me to discuss your final format and I can then provide an accurate estimate.
  • There will be a small copyright notice in the bottom corner of the photo file. 
  • $10 plus shipping for a digital .jpg file for personal use


Hard Copy Fees:

  • In addition to the work you request, there are additional fees if I must work with hard copy rather than digital files. 
  • If you are mailing me hard copy, you must pay for the return postage.
  • If you are sending me digital copy that I must print and return, you must pay for the return postage plus $0.50 per page that I print in black and white and $1 per page in color.  These will be printed in average resolution on copy paper.  I do not offer professional printing services. 



  • Half of the total or estimated total is due upon contract.  The remainder is due upon completion.  For large projects, a deposit is required as well as periodic payments with partial work submissions.
  • I provide invoices and receipts suitable for tax purposes. I report all income to the IRS.
  • I accept payment in the following formats:

business check

personal check (must clear before it is marked as paid)

US currency (please do not mail cash)

PayPal payments (a surcharge is added to cover all fees)

  • I rarely work in trade, though all offers are considered.