Hey, History Isn't Boring Anymore!

White Mane Kids 2008

ISBN 978-1-57249-395-7


Upper Saucon Township & Coopersburg

Arcadia Publishing 2010

ISBN 978-0-7385-7229-1 


Lehigh County Then & Now

Arcadia Publishing 2011

ISBN 978-0-7385-7413-4 


Cover Stories 





Colony Collapse Disorder pgs 8-11

May 2008

black bears in PA pgs 8-12 

February 2009

Freddy Hill Farms pgs 6-7 

Spring 2008  Vol. 1 Issue 1 *PREMIER ISSUE


Weaver's Orchard  pgs 8-9

Jul/Aug 2011


Jaindl Farms pgs 12-13

Nov/Dec 2011




History for Children




Mayan and Aztec artifacts pgs 9-11

January 2006 

Elizabethan theater pgs 37-39

October 2006 

Revolutionary Personality Quiz pgs 6-7

May 2006 

Bablyonian Trivia pgs 7-8

July 2006 


Civil War myths pgs 7-9

May 2007

Bushido pgs 17-18

May 2006 








Farm Country radio pgs 12-13

Jan/Feb 2011

a farmer's yearly leap of faith pgs 8-9

May/June 2011 

Freddy Hill Farms  pgs 6-7

Spring 2008 

Weaver's Orchard pgs 8-9

Jul/Aug 2011 


Erie's wine country pgs 6-8, 10

Fall 2008


coyotes in PA pgs 20-21

Limeport stadium pgs 15-16

Jul/Aug 2007

mushroom farming in Kennett Square

     pgs 6-7

Fall 2009 











Quiet Valley Historical Farm pgs 14-16

Sep/Oct 2007


MIfflinburg's Buggy Days pgs 12-13

Knoebels Amusement Park pgs 16-17

May/June 2009








Limeport Stadium reprint












Punxsutawney's Phantastic Phils pg 17

Jan/Feb 2007 

Roadside America Miniature Village

   pg. 19

Jan/Feb 2010 


Dan Schantz greenhouse pgs 6-7

Jan/Feb 2010

Saul Agricultural School pgs 6-7

Mar/Apr 2010 

Valhalla Farms pgs 10-11

Summer 2009 

September Farm pgs 8-10

May/June 2010 


Jaindl Farms  pgs 12-13

Nov/Dec 2011

black bears in PA  pgs 8-12

February 2009 


Klein Farms  pgs 8-10

Sep/Oct 2011


Articles about Education





Jobs requiring only a two year degree pg 19

November 2007

community colleges pgs 20-21

January 2007 

plagiarism pgs 26-27

National Fall issue 2006 

social life at a community college pg 34

January 2008 


"Eldorado" lesson plans

Outta Ray's Head website


how to avoid plagiarism



online classes vs. traditional classes pg 18

Nov/Dec 2008 


History Articles




mourning quilts pg 54

November 2008


Mail Pouch barns pgs 16-17

Fall 2006




Mail Pouch barns reprint


Civil War era quilts pgs 16-19

Sep/Oct 2007 


Thanks to Charles Adams for his inclusion of my history research in his book Ghost Stories of the Lehigh Valley Book Two.  Included in his chapter about the legend of Tambour Yokel at the Western Salisbury Jerusalem Church is a mention to "writer and educator Kelly Ann Butterbaugh."  I shared my research about the church with Mr. Adams, including the legend that was associated with the church, many years ago and again while he was researching the book.   



Vintage Postcard reproductions from the Bill Weiner collection carry captions that I wrote and researched.  The collection will eventually encompass more than 200 cities nationwide.



General Articles 















factory error collectible toys pgs 54, 56

April 2007











how to deal with clutter pg 18

Winter 2006











customizing My Little Ponies pgs 52, 63

June 2006 

six encyclopedia entries

ISBN 0-517-88823-8 


dealing with rejection notices

newsletter March 2005 and later reprints

"Bright Star in a Western Sky"

biography of Harry Carey   2005

Movie Profiles & Premiums Newsletter

"Mr. Stewart Goes to Hollywood"

biography of James Stewart   2005 

Movie Profiles & Premiums Newsletter


Outdoor Articles 




poisonous backyard plants pgs 44-45

Jul/Aug 2007 

 poison ivy remedies pgs 20-23

Jul/Aug 2008

donating unused items pgs 42-44

Sep/Oct 2006 

anecdotal story about camping  pg 1

The Front Porch syndication 15 July 2005 


reprint of camping anecdote  pg 5

June 2006

essay about the approach of autumn

The Saucon News pg 4   25 Nov. 2004 

victory gardens pgs 56-57

May/June 2010


Colony Collapse Disorder pgs 8-11

May 2008 


dispelling the myths of carnivorous plants

BackHome  pgs 17-19 Jan/Feb 2012




Financial Advice 




tips for yard sale success

website copy 

weekly Family Budget columnist



print newsletter

"Make 'Em Earn Their Keep" saving money through with computers  20 May 2006

"Beauty and the Beast" pros and cons of deferred interest plans  Nov 2007 


I've also written copy for various websites as well as catalog copy. 

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