Hey, History Isn't Boring Anymore!
A Creative Approach to Teaching the Civil War!About the Book

Take a personality quiz to see if you are a Robert E. Lee or a Harriet Tubman; read the letters sent by a homesick soldier; piece together a quilt that tells of women's involvement in the Civil War.  Whether you are marching along with General Sherman through Georgia or manning the H. L. Hunley, you'll find yourself saying, "Hey, history isn't boring anymore!"  So let history come to life as you explore the Civil War in a whole new way.  This book leaves the traditional textbook style behind and asks readers to tihnk about the Civil War rather than just read about it.  Its creative and fun approach will make history rise from the page!


Hey, History Isn't Boring Anymo A Creative Approach to Teaching the Civil War

Kelly Ann Butterbaugh debuts with her first book which invites readers to see that history isn't all names and dates.  Published by White Mane Kids, June 2008.   Featuring chapters which introduce readers to the Civil War in a whole new way, the book also includes lesson plan activities.  It is illustrated with photos from the author's personal collection which feature reenactment companies and sights in Pennsylvania.  106 pgs, softcover


Recommended by the Civil War Preservation Trust

This book "fills a void for teachers who want to teach basic Civil War history.  Activity oriented, it places the student in the mindset of children their age...and makes history 'more real' to them.  I recommend this book to elementary and middle school teachers who strive to get their students more actively involved in thinking historically."

~John Michael Priest; author, educator, historian

As reviewed by Patricia Cummings of The Quilter's Muse:  www.quiltersmuse.com

...Throughout the text are sprinkled many questions and suggestions for student activities. ...By turning learning into an active experience, she proves that history does not have to be boring. Just glancing at the book, it is apparent that she wants students to “think historically.” The 107 page book, published by White Mane Publishing, 717-532-2237, is a gem. There are photos throughout the pages and an appealing cartoon-like cover.

Hey, History Isn’t Boring Anymore is a great resource for teachers and for students who are involved in the discovery of history. 
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